Monday, May 4, 2015

Planning for the Mormon horde...

Planning for the Mormon horde...  We were visited yesterday by three locals who wanted to do a little planning for May 16th, when our local LDS ward will hold a “service project” in our yard.  There will be two groups: a group of young men (fence removal and general cleanup) and a group of adults (chainsawing and heavy brush removal); between 10 and 20 people all together.  We'll be renting a large dump trailer that can haul off junk and brush to the dump.  Debbie will be supplying large quantities of sandwiches, cookies, lemonade, and ice water.  I'll be supplying gas and chain oil (for the chainsaws).  They're going to start at 8 am, and work all day.  The fellows who came over to help plan this thing seemed downright excited about it.  They really do have a shortage of such projects to do, so to have one like this (with good things for both the young men and the adults to do) is something they're happy about.  Plus I get the idea they just like an excuse to break out the chainsaws :)

I love this place!

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