Monday, May 11, 2015

Paradise perambulations...

Paradise perambulations...  Yesterday afternoon we had sunshine with a few clouds in the sky; temperature was a beautiful 63° and the roads and pastures had dried out a bit.  All three dogs, Debbie and I took a walk of a mile or so up the dirt road that goes east from our home.  The views back to the west from the top were so nice – the lush greens of spring in farmland dominating.

Earlier in the day we had taken a drive up to Porcupine Reservoir, about 7 miles south of our home.  We wanted to see if the recent rains had raised its level, and they had.  But we also were treated to some other sights.  Flowers, especially lilacs and tulips, abounded in the yards of almost every home we passed.  Nearly all deciduous trees are now in leaf, and the sticks of winter are largely shrouded.

But the real treat was birds – lots and lots of birds!  Probably the most fun for me was sighting several common loons on the reservoir.  I knew they were present here in northern Utah, but I had no idea they were here in such number, or on Porcupine Reservoir.  That's very close to our home!  Also spotted on the reservoir: a new bird for me, the double-crested cormorant (at right, not my photo).  Away from the reservoir, we also spotted a single male lazuli bunting, a male American goldfinch, and several yellow warblers (most likely Wilson's, but we didn't get a good enough view for a positive ID).  Very nice!

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