Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mark Steyn at his best...

Mark Steyn at his best... and that's pretty damned good!  Movies and politics mix well in his hands.  A small sample that had me spitting out my morning tea:
The nearest they got to solving the problem was in Primary Colors (1998). The Bill Clinton character was played by John Travolta at his most ingratiating, whereas Hillary was such an unsympathetic character that, as with Hannibal Lecter or the Die Hard terrorist masterminds, they had to fly in a Brit to play her. The role went to Emma Thompson, presumably because Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons turned it down. (If memory serves, Rickman drew the line at the prosthetically enhanced ankles, although he'd totally nailed the robotic voice that tells you to fasten your seat belt.)
Go read the whole thing!

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