Wednesday, April 8, 2015

“To infinity and beyond!”

“To infinity and beyond!”  Diane and Bill Oblock have retired – great for them, tragic for us.  Why?  Because they owned our favorite local bakery (Crumb Brothers), and now they're closed.  Here's the statement they left on their web site:
Dear Friends,

We have recently announced the closing of Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread and Cafe effective March 28.

With respect to the 13 wonderful years at Crumb Brothers, plus our great fortune to share our love of food and books with the community since 1988, we are ready to close our last chapter as business owners. We remain passionate about our love of good food, great books and fine company. But we are now committed to turning our passions toward a more private domain and relishing often-neglected relationships with friends and family.

We have bought the proverbial sailboat to set off on new adventures. Only our sailboat is a new (wonderful) SUV and our adventures largely land-based! Mostly we are retiring from business in order to: stay home, travel a bit, enjoy friends, relish this community and look for new ways to express our commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

We cannot thank you all enough for supporting us in our business ventures. We love this community. Now onto the next chapter...

"To Infinity and Beyond."

Diane and Bill
We have no idea where we'll get our gluten fix from now on.  No more wonderful bread, nor pear Danish, or Croque Monsieur.  Pardon me while I resume my crying jag...

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