Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Road trip!

Road trip!  We made the trip down to Salt Lake City yesterday evening, to have dinner with our friends Doug & Dee W.  We ate at the Red Iguana, which is becoming a tradition for us much as the Fish Market used to be in San Diego.  Through a series of coincidences, we've actually been seeing Doug & Dee more often since we moved than we used to in San Diego :)

Great company, lots of entertaining stories (ask Dee about her dad, if you know her!), and delicious food.  As I told Doug last night, that's a hard combination to beat!

Weird sighting there (by Debbie): at a table near us, a young man was seated.  On his belt he wore a hanger that held a role of duct tape.  On his chair back was a sort of backpack, with lots of small spring clamps and clothes pins attached to it, along with a walkie-talkie, a pair of screwdrivers, a pair of pliers,  a ball of string, and a few other things we couldn't identify.  We couldn't figure out what that collection of stuff might be for, and I forgot to ask him on the way out, as I'd intended.  Any ideas?

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