Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Racer boo-boo...

Racer boo-boo...  Race's favorite entertainment is to chase a ball when I take him for a walk.  He doesn't do this like most dogs, because he's a border collie.  Instead, catching that ball becomes an existential challenge.  He accelerates toward it straining every muscle that could possibly help to the utter maximum.  He pays no attention to anything that might be in his way (which is how Debbie got injured a couple years ago while running him – she got in the way).  He pays no attention to his footing.  Consequently, with some degree of regularity he injures his foot – most commonly, by splitting a nail.  I think it happens when he's putting his foot down at supersonic speed and there happens to be a stone underneath. 

Those split nails bleed like a cheap horror movie, and they look like they must be painful.  He did it again yesterday, so we stopped by the Blacksmith Fork Veterinary clinic to see if they could patch him up.  Within two minutes Race was whisked back to see Dr. Russell, and just 8 minutes after we walked in, Dr. Russell walked out with a bandaged up Race (he had a nice pink foot) and all his front nails trimmed up.  I love this place!

Last night, we crated Race for the night (as usual).  This morning when I took him out for his morning walk, the bandage was gone.  There wasn't a trace of it anywhere in his crate.  He ate it.  He ate his bandage. 

I guess he doesn't like pink :)

So Debbie bandaged him back up with a purple bandage, and we put an Elizabethan collar on him to keep him from eating his bandage.  What a border collie!

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