Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oh, happy morning!

Oh, happy morning!  When it got light this morning, I took the dogs out for their morning walk.  The grass was soaked, and the dogs were happily inhaling all the moisture-enhanced scents.  The forecast when I went to bed last night had a 63% chance of rain, 0.13" predicted.  The actual: 0.72" – that's wonderful news for all the plants around here, and most especially for the field crops just planted.

Our south field changed quite dramatically overnight.  The little two-leaf alfalfa sprouts roughly doubled in density (plants per square foot), but the real change was the co-planted grass.  That wasn't even above ground as of yesterday afternoon, but this morning there are lots of 2" high grass stalks, and there are a few topping 3".  The entire field now has a tinge of green, and I'll bet by the end of the day that's changed visibly.  Our north field now has been thoroughly watered, with perfect timing for the newly planted seed.

Things are looking up from a botanical perspective :)

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