Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's undeniably spring in Paradise..

It's undeniably spring in Paradise ... and a much earlier spring than even last year.  As I write this, our willow's leaves are out, about 3/4" long.  The roses along the canal just started popping leaves from their buds today.  Several other trees in our yard look like they're ready to pop into leaf as well.  Looking back on my blog posts from last year, that's just about the same state we were in on April 12.  That means we're almost a month earlier this year, which validates all the locals' astonishment at our mild winter and early spring.  Temperatures today were in the high 60s; it was just lovely outside.

I took possession of this house last April 3rd, just under a year ago.  Though sometimes it seems like we're making slow progress, when I think back to what this house was like when I moved in and started “camping”, it's obvious we've actually accomplished quite a bit this past year...

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