Monday, March 30, 2015

Barn progress...

Barn progress...  The band saw is now powered, and I've tested it (works great!) and done all the alignments and calibrations.  The wood shop is starting to look like a wood shop!

I've been ordering a major power tool roughly every ten days, trying to space out the arrivals a bit so I have time to unpack, assemble, clean, align, and test each one.  Generally they take a week to ten days to arrive.  However, my careful plans have been waylaid by shipper errors, missing parts, and so on – and now this coming Friday three of them are scheduled to arrive on the same day.  On three different trucks, naturally.  It's going to be a bit of a zoo around here on that day!

I had to make a Home Depot run yesterday, and while there I picked up the parts I need for a handrail for the stairs up to the second floor of the barn, and also the parts for a second floor electrical sub-panel.  I'm going to put a 50 amp sub-panel up there more for convenience than anything else.  I doubt I'll need even 15 amps, but wiring the office and second floor lights will be easier when the circuits are all pulled from a (closer) second floor panel rather than the main panel on the first floor.  This has an interesting consequence: the main panel on the first floor is a big one (20 positions/40 breakers), but I'm only going to be using about 7 or 8 of those positions.  The vast majority of the circuits in the barn will be pulled from either the sub-panel in the wood shop or the second floor sub-panel.  Looks like I over-bought that main panel :)

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