Saturday, March 14, 2015

Barn progress...

Barn progress...  I spent most of the day yesterday assembling the stand and about half of the Grizzly dust collection system.  By the end of the day, I had roughly 400 pounds of steel and copper assembled and lying sideways on my barn floor.  Next step: raising it to a vertical position.  That's going to have to wait for a few days, though, as I discovered during assembly that the stand doesn't actually come with feet.  That's because the usual method of mounting it to a concrete floor is to use fasteners in holes drilled in the floor.  That won't work for me, as I have heating tubes embedded in the concrete floor – and I'd really, really hate to hit one of those!  So I had to order some rubber-and-steel “machine mounts” (essentially, industrial-strength, 5" diameter rubber feet) designed for sitting this monster on a wood floor.  They'll be here early next week.  Meanwhile, the monster shall recline in a resting position :)

The two shipments due to arrive yesterday did arrive.  We now have two pallets full of foam flooring for Debbie's agility court.  My SawStop table saw also arrived, in a collection of sturdy boxes strapped to another pallet.  The garage area of our barn is starting to look like a warehouse!

Today is “sink day” – I'm replacing the faucet, garbage disposal, drains, strainer, and under-sink plumbing on our kitchen sink.  The immediate provocation was an annoying, persistent, and unrepairable leak in the existing faucet.  The secondary provocation was a desire to get a more powerful garbage disposal (1 HP model replacing an aging 1/2 HP model) and to remove an “instant on” hot water heater that we never use.  I bought all the parts I thought I needed earlier this week, but as I start the actual work I fully expect to discover 12 more things I need, necessitating at least 8 more trips to Home Depot and/or Lowe's...

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