Friday, March 27, 2015

Barn and house progress...

Barn and house progress...  Painters arrived yesterday to start painting my new office on the second floor of the barn.  They're planning to finish today, and the tile installers will be here next Monday and Tuesday to put the floor down (wood-look tile).  With any luck at all, the construction guys will show up later next week to put in the baseboard and trim (windows and door).  After that, it's all up to me: I need to put up an electrical subpanel for the second floor, then wire power and lights in the office (and some lighting in the upstairs storage as well).  I also need to install some ducting and a fan so that I can use the heated air from the first floor to keep the office temperatures from dipping below freezing.  In two or three weeks, I may be able to start moving my computer, etc. into the new office.  Woo hoo!

Yesterday I took delivery of my band saw – a 17" monster from Grizzly.  It came in a wooden crate on a pallet, which I was able to drive right to it's location in the woodshop with the tractor.  Very convenient, that was.

Yesterday we also got a big furniture delivery, one we've been waiting for with bated breath.  The shipment included our dining room table and chairs, a dresser and chest for our bedroom, and a dresser and end table for the guest bedroom.  They're all beautiful pieces.  I'll post some photos after it gets light enough to take them...


  1. I've been following your workshop story with considerable envy, but I've got to gloat a bit about my own 17" Grizzly bandsaw. I checked the Craigslist tools section one night before going to bed, and there, just posted: "Free bandsaw", in my town. I shot off an email, of course, and my phone rang at 7:00 AM the next morning with a "Come get it" message. My table saw may be two years younger than me (1962), but by golly, I've got a free bandsaw! With roller base!

  2. A free bandsaw?!?! That's a hard deal to beat! I had no idea that Grizzly had been around since the '60s - kind of comforting, that is...

  3. No, the table saw is a Sears. The Grizzly is pretty old, but not that old. My dad bought Grizzly tools for twenty or thirty years, though.