Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What's happening to America?

What's happening to America?  Mark Steyn sums up my fears in one short paragraph:
Yet, looking at the ease with which governments of some of the oldest, freest societies on earth are shackling and restraining the right to speak, to read, to think, the obvious question to ask is what rights will they go after next? After all, if 300 years of free speech can be rolled back in the interest of "enhancing public safety", why not property rights, due process, freedom of association, freedom of religion or even (gasp!) sexual liberty? Why think that statist restraints on core liberties will confine themselves to just one right?
I have a sort of meta-fear as well, fanned by the fact there are so few Americans sounding the alarm over the loss of their liberties.  They don't even seem to notice as they're eroded, slowly but surely.  The concerns that Mr. Steyn raises should be swirling through this country's political debates and discussions, but they're almost inaudible next to controversies like the size of Kim's derriere or the adventures of Lyin' Brian...

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