Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sushi in Cache County...

Sushi in Cache County...  There are several sushi restaurants in Logan, and we've tried three of them.  Two of them we'd rate as “ok”, but a long way from the glory of Hana Sushi in El Cajon (our favorite sushi spot before we moved up here).

But now we've discovered another source of sushi here – one that's just as good as any sushi restaurant we've tried here, but for less than half the price.  It's a most unlikely place to find sushi: a grocery store.  Macey's in Millville, to be specific.  You can gorge yourself on decent sushi purchased there for under $20, which is remarkably inexpensive as sushi goes.  And you can eat it at home, surrounded by peace and quiet.

I suspect we'll be visiting Macey's for sushi quite often :)

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