Monday, February 2, 2015

I love living here...

I love living here...  Last night, near 6 pm, our “dog alarm” went off – someone was at the door, and the dogs were doing their usual berserker thing.  Debbie and I were both upstairs, and it took me a bit to get down to the door.  By then there was nobody in sight – but the paper cutouts (below left) were taped to our door.  When I got up to the door, I could see a plate of yummy-looking cupcakes on our porch (two are missing from the photo below center, already gobbled up by the cupcake addict I'm married too) along with the card (at right).  I went outside, and saw an unfamiliar car exiting our driveway onto the road.

We don't know who this was from.  The card was addressed to “Tom & Debbie”, so it's someone who knows us – but that's quite a few people!  I suspect it is from one of our immediate neighbors, but even from that group there are several people it could be.

But it really doesn't matter who did it.  We lived in California for over 30 years, and never once had anything even remotely like this happen.  We've only been here together for just over a month...

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