Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bumper snickers...

Bumper snickers...  Friend, former colleague, and inheritor of my SSH bugs Tim B. passes along a couple of funnies:

Reading that second one got me to thinking... Here in Paradise, Utah, what we see is:
  • The sense that choices like home schooling or private schooling are smart and admirable.
  • Everybody owns guns.  I quite literally have yet to meet someone here who isn't a gun owner, and doesn't shoot.
  • I haven't heard a protectionist word.
  • There is intense opposition to government-dictated healthcare in general, and to ObamaCare in particular.
  • Even though smoking violates the LDS church's health laws, and 90+% of the people here are Mormon, there are still a lot of smokers.  More, in fact, than in California (I've read the rate is about double).  Unlike in California, there is wide acceptance of smoking (and drinking, for that matter).  Several of the tradesmen I've hired are Mormons and unabashed smokers.  Surprisingly, to me, there doesn't seem to be nearly the stigma associated with smoking here as that which we see in California.
  • None of the tradesmen I've hired here are union members.  I've asked them all (it's a selection criteria for me).  I've been told repeatedly that nobody here joins a union unless they're forced to by job circumstances, and even those folks are ashamed of themselves.
  • I've met several fellow incandescent bulb hoarders.  
  • All the stores here default to plastic bags, though you can generally get paper bags if you ask.
  • Logan is a small city (49,000 people).  It has two Walmart supercenters, plus a Sam's Club.  We go there often.
  • The local restaurants, and all the homes we've eaten at, all serve plenty of red meat, sugary treats, and fatty foods.  There seems to be a general sense that food guidelines issued by the federal government are somewhere between foolish and Communist sabotage – and they're completely ignored.
People here have heard of places like California, so the bumper sticker would still make sense to them.  But they wouldn't relate to it personally...

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