Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quote of the day...

Quote of the day...  This is from Laura Rosen Cohen, the conclusion of a longer piece (emphasis in the original):
The pen clearly is NOT stronger than the sword.

The pens of the world are limp and flaccid and pathetic.

Firepower is stronger than the pen.

Air forces, soldiers, tanks and guns are stronger than the pen.

Superior firepower, superior intelligence, having no fear, and nothing less than a complete commitment to the preservation of Western, Judeo-Christian civilization and democracy are the only things that will save us from ourselves at this point.

Look around you: all over the "free" world, people are not even brave enough to draw or publish a cartoon to save their civilization-they think that will save their sorry, dhimmi asses.

My recommendation is to stick with superior firepower and a commitment to freedom.
Laura, I don't know you – but it's clear that you are my kind of gal!

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