Sunday, January 4, 2015

Progress report...

Progress report...  The home network is now all installed in its proper location and all working as I planned.  Yay!  I did start on the barn network, as planned, but got sidetracked with another IT project: I brought our Mac Mini server up.  It was suffering from a year of neglect, as I'd left it in San Diego for the whole year I was up here in Utah getting the house remodeled.  It was two versions back on the operating system, had dozens of urgently needed updates, and was now located on a different network address.  It took me a couple hours to get all that stuff fixed up, but now our little server is back on the air. 

Today I'll finish getting the barn network configured.  It's “labbed” on my desktop right now.  When I've finished configuring it, I should be able to walk it over to the barn, plug it in, and be ready to go.  Well, actually, there's one other little detail that needs to get done: I have to route an Ethernet cable from the second floor office in our house to the basement where the underground cable from the barn terminates.  That will involve crawling around in the attic, working on a ladder in the basement, and exercising the swearing skills I learned in six years in the Navy :)

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