Friday, January 2, 2015

Progress report...

Progress report...  Well, yesterday turned out to be the very long day of the network.  I brought up the Cisco SG300 switch quickly enough, but ran into all sorts of troubles when configuring it.  I finally figured out that it wasn't actually an IOS switch – it just looks like it's an IOS switch.  Weird!  I went to bed last night without having it working; this morning I wiped it clean and started over, and in an hour I got past the issue.  It's working now!

Today I hope to finish up the networking for the house, and maybe get started on the barn's network.  It uses identical hardware, so that should go quickly...

We're going to visit the vet again today, mainly for a checkup on Mo'i.  He's urinating far more than normal, not a good sign.  We worry.

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