Friday, December 19, 2014

Progress report...

Progress report...  Yesterday Debbie and I were quite tired (see previous report for the reasons why), so we were lazy and didn't do all that much.  I did manage to get my truck unpacked, along with a bit of Debbie's – but the heavy stuff in her truck is still in there.  I'll get it unloaded today.  I think :)

When I looked outside our house yesterday morning, I could see that the gas had not yet been connected to the barn.  That was bad news, for sure, as the heat was supposed to have been connected this past Monday.  I called my builder, and he told me there was a leak in the gas pipe.  He was coming over to fix it later in the day.  He and I worked on it in the late morning.  The leak – a very slow leak – turned out to be in one of the “stab” fittings between the polyethylene pipe and a riser.  Those fittings are not repairable, so he had to purchase a new one, saw off the old one, then install the new one.  That did the trick, though – the leak is cured.  The plumber, inspector, and gas company are supposed to be here today to hook it up.

While we were gone this week, more of the barn's interior was sheathed.  It's now about 2/3s done.  The four interior doors arrived today.  The barn is getting close to being finished.  Once the heat is all hooked up and plumbed (early next week, I hope), we can keep the inside above freezing and we'll be able to finish it off with ease, even if it's really cold out.

Today I have a 450 lb. “kit” arriving: two stainless steel cat isolation cages.  The shipping company told me that it's got a total of nine boxes to deliver today, with the heaviest ones weighing 125 lbs. each.  Seven of those boxes contain “hardware” – I'm envisioning several gross of bolts, nuts, and washers for me to assemble.  Sigh...

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