Saturday, December 27, 2014

Progress report...

Progress report...  We went to Lowe's yesterday morning to buy a 7/16" drill bit so I could finish installing Debbie's closet door.  $276 later, we staggered home with a truck full of all sorts of things we needed.  Probably the most important of these things was a snow shovel, which I employed when we got home to clear out out front entrance way.

I did, finally, finish installing that closet door.  Debbie now has an absolutely absurd amount of closet space.  Of course, it's not actually enough space, despite being large enough to have its own zip code :)

Then it was on to the next big indoors project: setting up our temporary office.  I assembled a little equipment “bread rak” that fits on top of a table, and now I'm in the middle of getting the networking gear all working.  Hopefully I'll have it going today...

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