Monday, December 8, 2014

(Belated) progress report...

(Belated) progress report...  I forgot to post one yesterday – we were too busy!  The packing is going more slowly than expected, both because there's more stuff to sort through than we thought and because we had several interruptions in our efforts yesterday when friends came to pick up furniture we're giving away.  In one case I needed to help deliver it; in several others I needed to help load it up.  Inevitably, that all took several hours.

Yesterday, though, we did get our monster log bed loaded onto the truck – and to my surprise, Debbie and I were able to do it all by ourselves.  The headboard piece is the largest, weighing around 250 or 300 pounds.  Somehow we lugged that outside, up the ramp, and onto the truck.  I sure am glad to have that done!

At this point the “only” rooms left to pack are the laundry room and our bedroom (mainly clothes and slide rule books).  I'm pretty sure we will not be able to finish that today, which means we can't drive to Utah tomorrow.  It looks like Wednesday will be our travel day.  Oh, well...

Saturday night we had a lovely dinner with “eg” and her neice.  “eg” wanted a ceiling fan motor to make into a potter's wheel, and we delivered that along with a dinner at Dolci's (delicious!). Tonight we're having sushi at Hana's in El Cajon with our friends (and my former colleagues) Aleck L. and Jimmy Y.  We'll be ready for that by the day's end!

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