Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Toyota servicing...

Toyota servicing...  Yesterday I got my 2007 Tundra serviced for the first time in Utah.  In Jamul we've gone out of our way to avoid using the service from the dealer.  The prices at the dealer were outrageously high, and they were constantly trying to “upsell” us on things that weren't actually needed, but which of course generated lots of profit for them: filters, belts, etc.  For years we've been taking our vehicles to Dave at Jamul Auto Care, where we not only got reasonable prices, but also first-class work and honest evaluations and recommendations.  We love Dave!

So I had some trepidations about getting service up here in Utah.  There is no Dave here, so far as I've been able to determine.  There are independent mechanics – lots of them – but mainly for American vehicles and tractors.  The closest guy I could find who could handle my Tundra was 50 miles away.

I decided to try the local Toyota dealer, Young's in Logan.  I made an appointment on their web site, and pulled in at the appointed time.  I'm up here by myself, so I had to wait for my truck to be done.  I had a routine service plus one minor recall item (the window switch in the driver's door).  Two hours after I pulled in, they let me know my truck was done.  They'd done the usual oil change, lube, tire rotation, and consumables check.  They'd also done the recall item.  I steeled myself for shock at the bill – in San Diego, it would have been between $250 and $400, depending on exactly what consumables they replaced (and there were always consumables to replace).  The fellow handed over the bill apologetically, cringing in preparation for my rant.  Not a good sign.  I looked at the bill, and the only number I could find was $51.25.  “Is that the price?” I asked.  “Yes” said the cringing clerk, hesitantly.  In subsequent conversation, I found out that they get a lot of push back from their customers at the high cost of routine service.  There's no way I could get just an oil change for that price in San Diego!  On drilling down a bit, I discovered that they had replace exactly zero consumables – telling me that they were all in fine shape as they were.  The possibility of that happening at the San Diego dealership is exactly zero.  Then to top it off, they had washed my truck!  It hasn't been this clean since the day I bought it.

I love Utah!

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