Sunday, November 9, 2014

Digging position...

Digging position...  I spent most of my day today with my tractor in digging position, as shown in this photo (click to embiggen).  Note that all four wheels are off the ground, and the tractor is standing up on the loader bucket (in front) and two outriggers (in back).  This provides a far more stable platform for the backhoe to operate from.  If I sit the tractor on even just the front tires, with the back held up by the outriggers, it still wobbles all over the place.

The area around our barn's northeast corner looks like a kid has been playing with an oversized Tonka toy – there are piles of dirt everywhere, and a crazy-quilt patchwork of holes and trenches.  This is where I've been working today, to trench the place where electricity, natural gas, water, and network will enter the barn.  For some stupid reason, we've got all four of them entering on the same 10 feet or so of wall!

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