Monday, November 17, 2014

Breathtakingly audacious lawsuit...

Breathtakingly audacious lawsuit...  There are two neighbors in Texas.  One of them owned four pit bull dogs; the other owned a beagle.  The four pit bulls got into the beagle's yard through a hole in the fence that the pit bulls made.  The pit bulls killed the 10 year old beagle.

So, naturally, a lawsuit was filed – but not the one you're most likely expecting.  The beagle's owner decided not to pursue a civil suit, because the police had already taken the actions he thought were needed.  The pit bulls' owner is suing the beagle's owner, asking for $1 million in damages, citing injuries and anxiety resulting from her attempts to retrieve her pit bulls from the neighbor's yard.

Clearly, the human species still has some evolving to do.  The good news?  The venue is in Texas, where the citizens have been known to help evolution along on occasion...

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