Monday, October 27, 2014

Hypothetical American vs. actual Canadian...

Hypothetical American vs. actual Canadian...  Try to imagine this scenario: the U.S. Congress is left unguarded by any armed men (unthinkable, actually, because pissed off Americans would almost certainly eliminate some Congress-critters in short order).  A lone and heavily armed Islamic terrorist attacks, shooting wildly.  The Senators and Representatives lock themselves into chambers.  What would happen next? 

In my imagination, Pelosi would start up a non-stop screeching, demanding help in the form of a helicopter ride out.  Harry Reid would hide under a chair.  McConnell would be a puddle of protoplasm in a corner, wobbling like Jello.  Boehner would be crying in another corner.  A few – Cruz and Ryan come to mind – might actually try to put up some kind of defense as the terrorist approaches.  Overall, though, the security cameras would show us a pathetic scene.  Any other outcome seems ... not credible.

Contrast that with what actually happened in Ottawa last week, when a heavily armed Islamic terrorist actually attacked their Parliament.  With no other weapons at hand, MPs (the rough equivalent of our Senators and Representatives) fashioned spears from flagstaffs, and positioned themselves at the doorway to the chambers, ready to impale the terrorist if he tried to enter.  They had no need, though, because their Sergeant-at-Arms shot him dead with his sidearm.

Canadians: showing more American spirit than Americans...

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