Friday, October 10, 2014

Barn: last of the roof, and stairway...

Barn: last of the roof, and stairway...  Yesterday the last section of the roof was sheathed, and the stairway to the second floor finished.  This morning the roofers showed up, and they're going to put the underlayment on the barn today.  This will waterproof it until the steel roof goes on.  Then on Monday they're going to start ripping the old roof off our house, in preparation for its new steel roof.

The roofer and I calculated today that the barn would have about 5 tons of steel roof on it when finished, and the house about 2 tons.  Seven tons of steel between us and the elements.  I'm ok with that :)

The builders are going to “house-wrap” the barn today with a Tyvek wrapper.  This will weatherproof the entire barn until they get the siding on.  They're hoping to get a framing inspection done today, while they're installing windows and doors...

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