Thursday, September 11, 2014

Racial preferences in romance...

Racial preferences in romance...  More fascinating data from OKCupid.  I'm unsurprised to find that people show a preference for members of their own race, but some of the other findings do surprise me.

For instance, white men are attracted to Asian women slightly more than to white women – and Asian women are almost as attracted to white men as to Asian men.  Why on earth would that be true?  Then there's this: black men are slightly more attracted to Asian women than to black women – but Asian women are much less attracted to black men than to Asian men. 

Then there's this more general observation: men of any race are less attracted to only one other race, but women of any race are less attracted to either two or three other races.  Women are also more polarized in their attractions than men: 17%/13% vs. 5%/15% (more attracted/less attracted averages)...

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