Sunday, September 14, 2014

I swear that brush pile is growing!

I swear that brush pile is growing!  My job today is very straightforward: chip and shred the contents of my (gigantic) brush pile until there's nothing left to chip.  I've got all sorts of brush in there – rose clippings, willow clippings, a few small pines I culled, and lots of pine and spruce trimmings including some large, long branches.  I put in two and a half hours this morning, and now I'm taking a lemonade (ah!) break.  At right you can see my setup, with the wood chipper's exhaust chute aimed into my pickup bed.  This works great!

Except for one little thing, that is.  When picking up handfuls of twigs and leaves to shred, I must have gotten a few small rocks as well – and these exited the chute at high speed, breaking both of the windows in the back of my truck :( 

When I go back out, a roll of duct tape is going with me to make temporary repairs.  Those danged windows are expensive, too – you have to replace the whole rear unit, not just the pieces of glass.  Furthermore, my windshield has a foot long crack in it, too, that keeps growing every day.  Sounds like I'll soon be making a glass shop very happy...

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