Friday, September 12, 2014

Barn: we has walls!

Barn: we has walls!  Well, one wall, anyway :)

The builder started framing last night, bolting the bottom plates (the pieces of wood running horizontally on top of the foundations) in place.  The bottom plates are pressure-treated (copper oxide) 2x6s.  Under them, visible in several of the photos, is a layer of blue closed-cell foam.  This acts as a waterproof seal between the bottom plate and the concrete.  I've seen this done with rubbery caulking before, but never with the foam.  The foam is much easier, and I'll bet it's more reliable, too.

The general approach to framing this building is different than I've seen before.  I'm used to seeing a wall's frame built entirely on the floor, then tilted up into place.  These walls are being built in place, nailing the studs to the bottom plate and then the top plate to the studs.  With the right gear (scaffold, ladders, nail guns) this doesn't seem to be particularly difficult to do. 

Bottom plate, north side
One of the hold-down bolts
A gorgeous morning...
See the foam?
Men at work
Making a window frame
Putting up a top plate
The west wall is almost done
Crisp and clear

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