Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Barn: more heating tubing and some other details...

Barn: more heating tubing and some other details...  There's more work to installing that heating tubing than I had imagined, and the plumbers didn't quite finish yesterday.  It turns out that each heating tube has a limit on how long it can be.  Each of the zones needs multiple heating tubes, between 6 and 10 for each zone (they're different sizes).  To make this work, they run a supply line from the boiler to a distribution manifold that connects to the supply end of each heating tube.  Then the return ends of each heating tube are connected to a collection manifold, which then empties through a return line (where a pump pushes the water through the boiler and back out the supply line).  This morning they'll be finishing up the installation of supply lines, manifolds, and return lines.  This afternoon, when they're done, they'll pressurize the whole system to test it, and an inspector will sign off on it.  We hope!  Then they'll be ready for the concrete tomorrow morning.

Looks like a swimming pool!
A whole mess of tubing
Tubing with foam clip
Completely covered in tubing
One zone's connections
Septic lines cut into the foam
Completed manifold and boiler connection
One of the zone manifolds

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