Friday, September 19, 2014

Barn meets paving...

Barn meets paving...  During our home's remodeling, we've had quite a few projects that intersected.  For instance, we had to coordinate the granite installation with the vanity installation.  But this morning we had an intersection on an entirely different scale: where the paving project joins the barn project, at the big roll-up door.

Yesterday the barn builders and the paving foreman met and worked out exactly how they wanted to do it.  The paving guys, as always, were worried about how the water would run off of everything.  The builders just wanted to know what to do :)  The powwow resulted in a design for a concrete apron, sloped to the northeast, that would terminate at the correct level to meet up with the asphalt.

This morning the construction of that apron began – and just a few hours later, the concrete for it was being poured.  Meanwhile, the paving work continues apace...

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