Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri...

Riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri...  By now I'm sure you've heard about the police shooting of an unarmed black youth, and the resulting riots and looting of stores.  What you probably have not read, however, is that two stores in Ferguson emerged from the riots unscathed and unlooted.  Can you guess why?


  1. I heard that the police didn't attempt to stop the rioting. It shows you that you must be responsible for your own safety. As much as your government wants to take your money for protection, there is no guarantee that they actually will protect you or even attempt to do so. Frankly how could they? If someone breaks into your home, even if you can call the police, whats the fastest they could be there? In time to catch they guy that killed you? And despite the clear evidence that they cannot protect you and that in many cases they won't even attempt to do so, they do not want you protecting yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if these store owners get prosecuted instead for "brandishing" or some such. And had they actually shot someone in defense of their property? Can you imagine the liberal outrage at the thought that you defended yourself and that your property is more important that the thief's life?

  2. Well apparently more than 2 stores were not looted. Because of the distance from the protests(about 3 miles from what I can tell) probably close to 97 percent of all businesses in the area were unscathed as well. Why then is this relevant? Was it because they were outside with their guns or because nobody wanted to drive 10 minutes or walk for 45 minutes to get to their shop?

    Looters suck, but this article is meaningless, and judging from some of the comments, a little inflammatory. I understand that isn't your fault what others say in your comments.

    Maybe you know of some other businesses that were at least in the area where these other businesses were that actually were defending themselves?