Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cat trees...

Cat trees...  For the cattery in our new home, we ordered a couple of cat trees from Furwood Forest, a maker in Georgia.  These cat trees are made using branches cut in local forests, with the usual elements of a cat tree worked into them.  Our two arrived yesterday, in perfect condition, packed very nicely.  One of them can be seen at right.  Furwood Forest's owner (Steve Hall) worked with Debbie to come up with designs that could be used even by some of our cats with physical challenges.  The result: attractive, functional cat trees that every one of our furry friends can use. 

The photo was taken in the room that will be our new cattery.  It's a large room (about 600 square feet) in the basement of our new home.  We've floored it with ceramic tile for easy cleaning.  The base will also be of the same tile, but we're waiting for the materials to come in for that.  We also have a cabinet being built just for the cattery, with a huge stainless steel sink, ample storage, and a pull-out cat food bin.  Despite being in the basement, the room is full of light from the seven casement windows around three sides.  Next year, we're going to build an outdoor enclosure that the cats will be able to get to, through a tunnel from the basement, through a casement window, and up to the enclosure.  This will give them outdoor access for three seasons of the year.  We should have some happy cats up here!

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