Sunday, August 24, 2014

Buh-bye, hard disks!

Buh-bye, hard disks!  A terabyte on a postage stamp, faster and more durable than flash memory, coming soon.

The first non-volatile RAM I ever worked with (back in '72) was made with magnetic “cores” – tiny toroids with wire strung through them.  These had a density of about 78 bits per cubic inch.  The first versions of these new memories will have densities of roughly 2 x 1015 bits per cubic inch – a density increase of about 3 x 1013 in just 55 years.  It seems unlikely that non-volatile RAM advances will keep up at that rate!  On the other hand, as recently as 20 years ago I would never have guessed that I'd live to see the density of flash memory today...

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