Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Barn: the first concrete is poured...

Barn: the first concrete is poured...  Just after I published the last post, I heard a terrific buzzing from my back yard.  It was the vibrator that sends the concrete down the placement chute – the first (of two) concrete trucks was placing some stiff concrete into the footing base forms the crew set up just a few hours ago.  I ran out and took a few photos, just as the second concrete truck showed up.  Just a few minutes later they were finished placing all the concrete, and the crew started setting up vertical pieces of rebar – the first step of the reinforcement construction.  They're going to finish wiring the reinforcement in place, then set up the forms for the next step: pouring the footing and foundation wall.  Woo hoo!

My neighbor Tim D. knew the barn was about to get underway, so a few days ago he dug a post hole, into which he wanted to put a piece of 4" steel tubing as a very strong corner post.  That hole needed some concrete, and clever Tim knew they'd likely have a few cubic feet left over (they never try to get the quantity exactly, but rather always order a bit more than they actually need – knowing that to order less than they actually needed was courting disaster).  Sure enough, when they finished pouring the barn's footing, there was still concrete in the truck.  A minute later, Tim's post hole was filled to the brim with concrete – with no cost and almost no work for him!

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