Sunday, August 10, 2014

Air quality egg...

Air quality egg (updated)...  We now have an Air Quality Egg (AQE) up and running at our house in Paradise.  The AQE is an air quality monitoring system that reports its data up to the web.  Our AQE monitors temperature, humidity, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), and particulate concentration (very fine dust).  The particulate sensor has a problem of some kind (I have a query into the maker about that), but the rest of it seems to be working fine.

Update: the particulate sensor is now working (all it took was unplugging and replugging the sensor board).  This sensor was one of the main reasons I picked the AQE in the first place, as Cache Valley (especially the northern part of it, near Logan) has occasional significant particulate pollution during temperature inversions in the winter.  The data right now is showing between 1 and 3.5 million particles per cubic meter (multiply the values on the graph by 3,534 to convert to pcs/m3), which is within the limits for the lowest grade of clean room – pretty good!  We'll see what happens to us this coming winter when there's an inversion.  Our very limited experience last winter, when we were house-hunting, is that the southernmost extent of haze (particulates) caused by the inversions is around the town of Hyrum, four miles to our north.  We're hoping this proves to be a generalizable phenomenon...

The community web site currently displays only temperature, humidity, NO2, and CO.  The full data set is available at Xively for all the AQEs.  Our AQE's page on the community site is here (note: the temperature is in degrees Celsius), and our Xively data feed is here (click the “graphs” link to see a timeline for the data).

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