Saturday, August 16, 2014

A bathroom emerges...

A bathroom emerges...  One of the remodeling projects in our new home in Paradise, Utah is the master bathroom.  The house originally had a master bathroom with two doors (one onto a hallway, the other into the master bedroom), an elephant-scale bathtub with jets, a gecko-sized shower, and a vanity about the right height for a hamster.  We knew we had to change all that :)

We wanted a bathroom that we'd really enjoy having.

Back in April we located a contractor who we liked, a fellow named Lane Straatman and his sidekick Pasquale.  We designed the floor plan we wanted, and the Lane and Pasquale team led the project.  Our floor plan called for a large shower (5' 6" square) with a walk-in ell entrance, one door, no tub, and relocation of the vanity and toilet.  Quite a few contractors – all selected and known by Lane – were involved: for painting, tile installation, electrical work, plumbing, cabinetry, granite top, mirrors, and vent installation.

It's not quite all finished yet, but it's getting very, very close.  I've started using the shower, as it is complete.  Next week I'll be receiving an adapter kit to allow the conventional drains I bought to be used in our sinks, which have no overflow.  Also next week the mirrors will be installed.  I need to install some wall-mounted things (towel racks, toilet paper dispenser, shelves, etc.).

And then it will be done.

Debbie and I spent a lot of time designing that shower.  We both love our showers, but especially me – most days I'm in there twice.  We had several objectives in the design: roomy, not slippery, walk-in, well-lit, lots of water, temperature controlled, and attractive.  Debbie picked the tile, granite, and sinks.  I found the plumbing fixtures, lighting, toilet, and humidity-activated quiet fan.  A small army of craftsmen built all the hard stuff.  The result: I think we met every one of those goals, based on my “shower tests” :)

Here are some photos of the not-quite-finished bathroom.  It's a challenge to photograph this small room, but I tried:

6" wall shower heads
Temperature and flow controls
12" ceiling "rain" shower head
Shower, from entrance
Right-hand vanity sink
Vanity, from bathroom door

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