Thursday, July 31, 2014

“We have the temerity to exist at all, so we have it coming.”

“We have the temerity to exist at all, so we have it coming.”  Thus Judith Levy concludes a beautiful and heart-breaking Ricochet post about how she's feeling right now as a denizen of Israel.

It scares me that so many Americans are neutral on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even when that neutrality is mainly derived from ignorance.

It shakes me to my core when I hear Americans overtly taking the Palestinian side and advocating the demise of Israel, as I have now quite a few times (mainly from Californians).

Neither of these attitudes reflects my America.  Thankfully, neither is something I've heard yet in northern Utah.  I hope I do not ever hear it here.  There's a nearby university, though, so that hope will likely be dashed.

I cannot for the life of me understand how someone can honestly believe in the moral equivalence of the Hamas attacks and the Israeli defense.  Something is badly broken in this world when millions of people can hold such an objectively falsifiable view.  I can say the same thing for assertions of the moral equivalence of the respective cultures.

I have no answers.  Today, only sorrow.  It feels like grieving.

I can only hope that the Israeli people find the courage within themselves to resist the outside pressures to capitulate.  They must win convincingly against Hamas, or the only light in the entire Middle East will be extinguished...

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