Saturday, June 14, 2014

IRS reaches the bottom, but keeps on digging...

IRS reaches the bottom, but keeps on digging...  The IRS is claiming that it can't find Lois Lerner's emails due to a “computer crash”.  There are two possibilities here:
  1. The crash really happened, and the fact that the crash happened to the key personality at the center of the IRS scandal at precisely the time when her emails were of interest is a pure coincidence.
  2. The crash never happened, and the IRS is covering up the connections between Lois Lerner and high-level Obama administration officials, including officials at the White House.
Somehow (2) seems vastly more probable than (1).  However, it's easy to anticipate that the Democrats in Congress will impede every attempt made to investigate this.  Let's hope the Republicans in the House (where they have a majority) have the cojones to proceed with an aggressive investigation.  Past experience, however, suggests that is far less than certain ... despite the rather obvious political advantage that would accrue...

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  1. If I recall, one of the articles said it was Lois Lerner's computer that crashed and they could not recover leading to the loss of the emails. If this is the case, then this would be an out-right lie. The IRS would use an email server, like MS Exchange, or something similar to run their email system. Which would make complying with a subpena reasonably easy to do. Saving out the emails with Lois Lerner as sender or recipient.

    Which lead to a second point which is if they are running an email server, and I'm quite certain they are, of the emails would route through that server. Email is considered a critical business service and the servers would be backed up routinely. If one of the servers crashed, they would be restored to the last backup. Typically no more than a day. So any losses would be minimized. The servers may only maintain a certain length of time back, but there would still be no gap, just a limit as to how far back you might be able to go.

    Its possible that the IT department is so inept that they don't do backups, or never checked them, but for there to be a gap in the data stretches credibility and a gap for a particular person would be another out-right lie.

    Clearly the IRS is comfortable enough with lying to congress.