Thursday, June 19, 2014

IRS emails “gone forever”...

IRS emails “gone forever”...  The story gets more and more unbelievable.  I thought the initial reports that just Lois Lerner's emails were missing was hard to swallow.  Now the IRS is saying that six other employee's emails are also missing – just coincidentally, six other employees involved with the targeting of conservative non-profits – and the IRS destroyed the hard drives, so no further recovery attempts can be made, and any criminal evidence is oh-so-conveniently missing.

Mark Steyn says the IRS is now “openly sneering” at us.  I think that captures it just about exactly right.  They're practically daring us to do something about their coverup.  I'm also in agreement with numerous other commentators who note that a coverup this obvious, this blatant, this sneering ... can only mean that what's being covered up is even worse.  In the context of this scandal, the obvious possibility is that the IRS targeting of conservative groups was directed by someone at the White House.  At this point, I think the safest assumption is that that is what happened.

It's tempting to agitate for impeaching Obama – but that would leave us with President Biden, and I'm not at all sure that's any better.  At this point it's probably more prudent to hang on for 30 more months of Obama's gross incompetence and corruption, and hope that Americans don't do something stupid (like vote in Hillary) and that the Republicans nominate someone more credible than McCain Perry Christie Huntsman a putrefying marmot carcass...

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  1. Its not a matter of who would be succeeding him in the White House (they wouldn't be there long anyway), its a matter of showing that the law applies to everything, including IRS officials and the President. Frankly, the government has lost all legitimacy in my view. They knowingly flaunt the constitution and routinely violate their oaths. They deliberately flaunt the law. They deliberately expand their power. And then they use that power to target individuals and organization that they do not like or that challenge them. From the President and the white house to the IRS to the EPA to DHS. The leadership is corrupt and so corruption will permeate at all levels. If there is no accounting for it, then we are well and truly screwed as they won't stop.