Thursday, June 12, 2014

Great customer service...

Great customer service...  Last week I wrote about the maiden voyage of my sprayer, which broke almost immediately because I stupidly forgot to tighten some bolts.  I had an amazingly easy and short phone conversation with their technical support people, who promised to send me the part I needed right away.  To my surprise, even after I told them the breakage was my own fault, they said there was no charge – they'd call it a warranty part replacement.

While I was away, the package with the parts I needed arrived, exactly as promised.  But it was actually more than I needed: they sent not only the parts that I needed, but a complete second set of those same parts as well.  A little hand-written note said: “Just in case it breaks again!”

I'm going to call that extraordinary customer service, and with that I will name the company: Chapin, purchased through Amazon.  I see that the price has gone up a bit since I bought mine last month.

I have very little experience actually using the machine.  It appears to be well designed and constructed, and it worked well once I got it assembled.  Well, partially assembled – but I'll be sure to tighten those bolts this time!

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