Thursday, June 26, 2014

Congress to sue Obama for executive branch overreach?

Congress to sue Obama for executive branch overreach?  Boehner announced his intent to pursue this yesterday.  I have some insta-reactions:
  • Well, it's about frickin' time!  What the heck took you so long, beltway-breath?
  • Boehner did this?  There must be some reason, other than the obvious...
  • Jonathan Turley thinks the suit may prevail, causing progressive heads to explode.  More popcorn, please!
  • Why didn't Pelosi do this with George W. Bush, who was nearly as bad as Obama in this regard?
  • The safe bet would be that this is pure political posturing, and Boehner has no intent to see the lawsuit actually make it through the courts until a judgment is reached.  I feel so (justifiably) cynical saying this, but I will be completely unsurprised when some reason to drop the suit magically arises...

1 comment:

  1. Smoke and Mirrors. Boehner is likely trying to preempt impeachment talk. Just like I'm certain creating a select committee to investigate Benghazi was likely to distract from Issa's hearings.