Saturday, May 31, 2014

...these things called Beauty Contests...

...these things called Beauty Contests...  James Delingpole at his sarcastic best.  The intro:
I'm very grateful to the mainstream media for drawing my attention to the fact that this is a newsworthy story. Otherwise, I'm ashamed to say, I might have overlooked it completely. It's because, unfortunately, I happen to be a throwback to the terrible era when young men would frequently assess women on the basis of their pulchritudinousness and when, amazingly, this was considered quite normal, healthy behaviour. Indeed, we even used to have these things called Beauty Contests in which - I kid you not - young women willingly participated in competitions where they were judged according to their looks, mostly by middle aged males, and didn't die of sexism or misogyny poisoning afterwards.
You'll want to read the rest...

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