Monday, May 12, 2014

Climate change – is there anything it can't do?

Climate change – is there anything it can't do?  James Delingpole deservedly mocks the UK's Guardian newspaper for credulously reporting that climate change contributed to the Boko Haram kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian girls.  Reading things like this make me think that Homo sapiens is quickly “evolving” into Homo stultus...

Delingpole also reports that the latest studies of those rapidly disappearing Himalayan glaciers had some unexpected results: the glaciers are not disappearing after all!  In fact, if measured by the aggregate ice accumulation in all Himalayan glaciers, they're increasing at a higher rate than the climate models can model.  Oops!

Then there's this bit on Watts Up With That?, wherein Nobel-prize winning chump Michael Mann is caught out with his “hide the decline” fakery in a particularly delicious fashion.  The graph above right is from that story.

A friend from Estonia wrote me the other day, asking how I would react if Mark Steyn were somehow to lose his lawsuit with Michael Mann.  My correspondent is a fervent anthropogenic global warming believer, so he fully expects this outcome.  Here's what my reaction would be: I would lose what little faith remains in me about our American system of justice.  That reaction has absolutely nothing to do with whether Steyn's position is just, and everything to do with free speech – because in the end, that's what this lawsuit is about: whether Mark Steyn (or anyone else) can stand up and speak his or her mind.  Forget the climatology-related merits of each side on this case; they are irrelevant.  What's really on trial is good old-fashioned American-style free speech...

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