Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Red and blue states...

Red and blue states...  I stumbled across this map (click to embiggen) in my morning reading.  It's worth studying, as it shows just how polarized American politics are becomingForty of the fifty states have voted for presidents from the same party in the last four presidential elections.

Analyzing this sort of thing is complicated, as the Wikipedia article linked above describes (well worth a read).  Nevertheless, the map at right is describing something quite real.

It's perceptible on the ground, too – I am surprised on almost a daily basis by the unobtrusiveness of government here in northern Utah as compared with southern California.  I'm absorbing something else, too: the residents of southern California, generally speaking, would think the idea of an armed revolution in the U.S. is crazy and highly unlikely.  Here in northern Utah, the idea of another armed revolution is mainstream – and seriously discussed as a solution to the problem of America's slide toward socialism...

There are two Americas, though not quite in John Edward's sense...


  1. It would be hard for the idea of an armed revolution to gain traction if it weren't for the militarization of our police departments and many, many government agencies. Even if they are really just finding clever ways of using up budget dollars, its a scary trend.

  2. Tom, as your neighbor for the last five years you know we're like minded in this regard. I just assume WHEN the RII starts I'll be surrounded and behind enemy lines. Which means to me I'll have these blue state bastards right where I wan't them !!! As for the previous comment I could not agree more. This IS my biggest worry compared to criminals and politicians. 1.5 billion hallow-points says it all!