Friday, April 25, 2014

Busy day again today...

Busy day again today ... and I'll be on the road much of the day.  I'm meeting with our flooring guy to settle on wood and tile, with the guy making our new bathroom cabinets to settle on the wood and style, and with the place that will be milling the granite for the new bathroom cabinets to pick the granite.  Somehow all of this managed to converge on the same day!  And as if that wasn't enough chaos for me for one day, this morning at 8 am a concrete contractor will be here to talk about repairing the patio and rebuilding our spring development.  The water for our home comes from a spring that's been turned into a fully developed water source, but it's been neglected for many years and is badly in need of repair.

So you won't hear much from me during the day today :)

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