Friday, February 21, 2014

The Mann he loves...

The Mann he loves...  Michael Mann, the posturing, stuffed-hat, litigation-prone “climatologist” from Penn State filed a libel suit against Mark Steyn for articles Steyn wrote poking fun at Mann's work.  Now Steyn has filed a counter-suit (text here) with two multimillion dollar claims against Mann (a fairly standard tactic in the defense of any lawsuit – make it as painful for the other guy as you can).  Between these two lawsuits, a vigorous discovery process is almost certain.  That means all of the emails and documents that Mann has so carefully be refusing to make public ... will become public if introduced in the trial.  From the ClimateGate emails, we already know there's a rich trove of material there that will defend Steyn's statements – and you can bet those will be introduced into evidence.  Read the text of Steyn's complaint – it's far better written, with wit and humor, than any complaint I've ever read.

Stock up on popcorn, folks!

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