Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Okay, now I know that I'm never flying to Bilbao, Spain!

Okay, now I know that I'm never flying to Bilbao, Spain!  Watch the videos of Bilbao landings below to see why:

It hurt my sphincter just to watch these – imagine what it would be like to be on those planes!


  1. Look at the wings flexing on the way in in the second clip!

  2. Those clips are not for the squeamish :) Years ago I was on a non-stop LA -> Helsinki, Finland flight whose course took it way up over the Arctic, quite close to the north pole. I was sitting in a window seat, and spent quite a bit of time looking out at the ice cap - quite beautiful, full of blue ice details, when viewed from 35,000 feet or so in a warm cabin. The left wing was in my view, as I was sitting aft of it. While I was watching, our aircraft hit some kind of turbulence, and we dropped very suddenly, then stopped just as suddenly. The left wing first flexed down a little, then up to a very alarming degree. Apparently quite a few of my fellow passengers were also enjoying the view, because there was a collective "Oh, shit!" that arose in perfect synchrony from dozens of throats. I couldn't believe how much that wing flexed and then suffered no damage. There was quite a mess on the plane - drinks flew everywhere, not a few laptops were destroyed, and a whole lot of luggage went flying. Nobody was badly hurt, but there were a dozen or so people with cuts and bruises, and one poor lady (who was walking down the aisle) had a broken leg...