Saturday, February 22, 2014

I tow the line...

I tow the line...  A liberal (identified as only as DGCJ) writes something and uses the phrase “I tow the party line” – plainly meaning “I toe the partly line” instead.  Conservative commentator Daniel Greenfield calls him out on it, rather gently correcting him.  What do you suppose the result was?

Naturally, DGCJ asserted his correctness – certified by his political persuasion (liberal), credentials (Ph.D.), and makes several assertions he apparently considers belittling and conclusive, such as:
Thanks.  we both realize you were mentally outclassed from the beginning, but now you know why.  It's because I was born with superior cognitive functions, as a homosexual male.
I tow the party line, dummy
I just corrected you.  Nobody toes their car, do they?  They TOW it.  DUH!
And, the last laugh will be on you, my friend.  I don't troll.  I speak the truth and conservatives hate facts.  Science is not your friend.
Daniel uses this as a teaching moment.  Go learn...

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