Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Twits on Tweeter...

Twits on Tweeter...  Or something like that.  On the advice of a friend, I'm going to start posting some of the very short topics on Twitter instead of on my blog.  It will be an interesting experiment at the least, and who knows – maybe it will actually be useful!  My Twitter handle is @SlightlyLoony1...


  1. I enjoy all of your posts, including the short ones, but I'm not much of a Twitter user. My vote is for you to cross post both places. :)

  2. Why, thank you, sir! And I probably will cross-post some - but for some of the little things, it's easy to predict I won't want to take the time...

    I'll pass on the recommendation of a friend, who suggested to me some time ago that I start following a few people I enjoyed reading on Twitter, to get a feel for what is happening there. He suggested this in response to my telling him I didn't see much of any use in Twitter. I have to admit now that I have become quite seriously addicted :) I only follow a few people (I'm up to 9 now), and I dump the uninteresting ones quickly. The combination of tiny, short little messages and the all-day-long updating means I can dip into the stream of thoughts with little effort, find the few things that are interesting, and then go explore them (through the links in the tweet) in depth. It's a faster way to pick out the stuff interesting to me than reading a bazillion blogs every day - but it absolutely depends on picking the "right" people (for my weirdo tastes) to follow...

  3. Well, maybe I'll give Twitter another look. Just what I need - another way to waste time.

  4. Those darned Inter-tubes are really good at that! Things got much worse for me when the browsers developed tabs that could be bookmarked. Now I make one click in FireFox and presto! - 25 gazillion web sites all opened at once.

    I wasted much less time back before browsers had bookmarks :)